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5 of the most profitable uses for a garage conversion

Taking a walk on the wild side of garage and loft conversions, this month we’ll be looking at the more extravagant options when it comes to adding extra space to your home. Selling your home after a major development will often see a major return on your investment, but the question is which additional rooms spark the imaginations of potential buyers? NK Lofts is here to answer just that.

Games Room

The beauty of a games room is that it can be done on a budget or you can go all-out and indulge your inner teenager. If you wanted a Pac-Man arcade game in your bedroom in 1983 but couldn’t afford it, find one online and make it the centre piece of your games room. The same applies to pinball and whack-a-mole machines. For a games room on a tight budget, classic pub games never go out of style. Darts, pool and ‘ringing the bull’ are affordable, fun and make for great, eye-catching interior features.

Living Space

You don’t have to be quirky when it comes to maximising your investment in a garage or loft conversion. One of the rooms proven to impress buyers is a second living room. However, it’s a good idea to decorate this room in a style that’s distinct from your main living room. Choosing a theme or a function for the room is a great idea. So, if you like crafts or sewing, or have the budget for a wood burner, these are great springboards for giving your second living room a different flavour from the first

Spa Room

If spas are you way to relax, then consider bringing some elements of the spa lifestyle home with you. It needn’t bust the bank. Just keep it clean, minimal and invest in some small luxurious touches and you’ll be ripe for instant relaxation after work, or whenever you want. Hot tubs and jetted baths are getting more affordable with every passing year and if you mix lots of natural and inexpensive elements, like wood and stone, you’ll be surprised with what can be achieved on any budget!

Leisure Room

On the (even more) fanciful side of this list, we have the leisure room. If you are converting a garage that is large enough, why not consider a pool? If you lack the space, why not a hot tub, or home gym equipment? There’s nothing that makes buyers more interested in buying a home than imagining themselves at their ease in the property. Of course, this requires a hefty budget, but with all facilities and materials factored in, you’re likely to add many thousands of pounds to the value of your home.

Home Entertainment Room

A room dedicated to media is sure to be a hit with all. Film and music are a universally enjoyed pastime and enhancing this experience with a quality projector, staggered seating made of luxurious leather, and a popcorn machine, will instantly excite buyers. Add to this the option of computer gaming compatibility and you’ll make a home entertainment experience like no other. Use dimmable lighting to give the room an extra special finishing touch.

NK Lofts is the premium garage and loft conversion specialist for customers in Coventry, Northampton and Peterborough. We have completed large and small builds for all kinds of uses and with varying budgets. If you require a simple room-in-roof conversion, our experienced team are happy to provide a surprisingly speedy and thorough service and same goes for large garage conversions. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your project.

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