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Design Tips for Loft Conversion En Suites

You deserve the loft conversion that works best for you. If you’re looking to create a new bedroom – either for yourself, the children or an older relative – you could benefit from an en suite bathroom. Having a bath, sink, toilet and shower on the same floor as the bed maximises livability and increases the value of your home over a conversion without en suite.

Planning the layout

To make a practical start on your en suite bathroom, make a floor plan and mark where the height of the roof is 1.8m, 1.6m and 1.4m. This will give you an idea of where’s best to place the bath, shower, sink, window and any other major design considerations. This technique is just as handy when planning the bedroom.

Of course, your trusty conversion company can do this for you. After all, they’re the most experienced when it comes to placing the features of your en suite in their optimal positions.

Windows, light and ventilation

Though many en suite bathrooms are perfectly homey without a window, in an ideal world every bathroom has one. It has always been, and always will be, the best solution for providing natural light and ventilation to a humid and mould-prone part of the house. To be comfortable and hygienic, always consider a window for your en suite.

Planning should not pose a problem for small dormer windows, as long as no part of the window opens below 1.7m and the glass is opaque. An extractor fan is also essential to meet building regulations regarding ventilation. You will not regret installing a fan either, as it will get rid of moisture in the bathroom and prevent the buildup of mildew and mould.


Your contractor will make a note of where the existing soil pipes are located on the floor below your loft. It’s often the most practical idea to connect the soil pipes from your new bathroom to the existing plumbing. This should save on costs, but if you need a new

connection to ground-level drains, it’s not as expensive as it sounds and will mean your new bathroom is not overloading the current plumbing system.

Shower or Bath?

There are hundreds of options for walk-in shower units, curved shower units, free standing baths, enamel baths – there are too many to list! You can certainly have both shower and bath, if you have the required space but what may surprise you is it’s sometimes easier to fit a bath in a loft conversion due to the sloping roof. If a shower is a must-have item, however, there are showers that fit into spaces as small as 700 x 700mm, but this must be in a location with high enough ceilings so that you can comfortably stand, too.


A heated towel rail will be sufficient to keep you warm in a small bathroom. Having said that, underfloor heating provides a unique cosiness that is just right for relaxing after a long day at work. Thankfully, electric underfloor heating mats are affordable (approximately £30 per m3) and only raise the floor by a few millimetres, so are perfect for laying under tiles.

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