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How to create an energy efficient loft conversion

energy efficient loft

A loft conversion is an exciting home improvement that could mean having a new bedroom, bathroom, den, games room, guest suite, living space, music room, nursery, office, or studio – the options are endless. But have you thought about loft conversion as the perfect opportunity to make your home more energy efficient? Of course, insulation plays a large part, as your roof is a weak link where heat retention is concerned. But insulation is not the only way to retain the heat and save money.

If you are planning a conversion in the near future, or are updating an already converted loft space, here are a few options that will maximise energy efficiency.


Over a quarter of the heat from your home is lost through an uninsulated roof. The independent consumer review site Which? discovered that insulating your roof could save you up to £240 a year on average. Be it a flat roof, attic room or loft space, insulation is good for the environment and for your wallet.

Double Glazing

Windows are the second significant source of heat loss and it is worth fitting double, or even triple glazing to further improve energy costs. Glazed windows will come with an efficiency rating that gives clear guidance on what windows are best for you and your budget.

If you have the option of choosing where the window, or windows, will go in your loft conversion, it is recommended that you choose a south facing aspect. This will provide your loft will much needed heat and light, all for free.

double glazed loft conversion


When fitting new lighting in your loft space, make sure that you buy low-energy bulbs, or LED lights. This will make the lighting energy efficient, which will save money on the bills. Low-energy lighting solutions also last longer than their higher-output equivalents.

Solar panels

The beginning of a loft conversion is the best time to fit solar panels to your roof. If the conversion requires scaffolding in the first place, consider the additional benefits of fitting solar panels while the means to fit them are already in place. A renewable energy source drawn directly from your home is a guaranteed way to save money on your energy bills.

Do your research on the two types of solar panels available and which one would benefit you and your home most. There are solar photovoltaic, which generate electricity, and there are solar thermal, which heat up water, to choose from.

It all adds up

You can take any option from the list above and save money by improving the efficiency of your loft conversion, but investing in all the options available to you will be the quickest route to saving hundreds of pounds on an annual basis. Convert your space, enhance the features of your home and be smart about decisions, and you can be assured that your loft conversion will be working for you.

NK Lofts will take your empty loft space from planning stages all the way through to a fully finished, functional room. We have left clients in Northampton, Peterborough, Coventry and the surrounding areas with fantastic new spaces to be proud of. From play rooms and bedrooms, to offices and personal gyms, a loft conversion will enhance your home and open up its possibilities, including the possibility to save hundreds on your energy bills. To speak to one of our specialists about making your loft conversion a reality, contact us today and we will be happy to help.