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How much value can a loft conversion add to your home?

A quality loft conversion is a great way to expand the family home so that you don’t have to move and can improve the quality of your home life. But not all loft conversions are built to provide a family with more room. Some are carried out to improve a home and make it ready for resale. In this case, it’s worth knowing how much value a loft conversion adds to an existing home. Here, we’ve gathered market estimates from a range of sources to give you the bigger picture when it comes to the return on investment you can expect…

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How a Loft Conversion Can Bring Balance to Your Home

Your family home is a busy place filled with personality, fun, the hard times, the good times and everything in between. If you’re looking to improve your home and bring more balance to your life, how should you go about it? One answer is to get creative with your loft conversion. In no time, you’ll realise it’s one of the greatest assets in your home. Tidy up the clutter, provide a space designed for the quirks of your life and you’ll see that a loft conversion can benefit everyone. Play rooms provide respite for parents A games room should reflect your…

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What you need to know before having a garage conversion

Space is at a premium in the UK, so many homes are considering the benefits of a garage conversion. Transforming your disused garage into a livable room is an ideal way to increase the practicality of your home and increase its market value. Before you take the plunge on converting your garage with a trusted industry professional, make sure to read up on what you need to know and our top tips on preparing for a conversion below. Planning Permission It’s rare that a garage conversion will require planning permission if you are not planning on extending the structure and the…

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Top 3 Benefits of Loft Conversions

Ask any homeowner what they’d do to improve their home and it’s likely that they’ll choose an answer that means having more space. Typically, a loft conversion is the easiest and most useful way to add space to the home, as well as added value and many other options that will improve the functionality of the property. Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons to make your dusty, unloved loft space into a useable, family-friendly extra bedroom.   Extra Living Space and Storage As we’ve mentioned, it’s the number one reason to convert your loft into a useable space….

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How to Keep Lofts Cool During the Summer Months

As summer heats up you’ll be wanting to find every way of cooling down your loft. Due to their unique position in the house, lofts are often a heat trap when the weather improves, thanks to the surface area of the roof above the loft and the rising heat from the rest of the house. So, how do you turn the tables so you can enjoy a temperate loft throughout the summer? It’s especially important if you sleep if your loft as wild rises and drops in temperature adversely affect sleep. Let’s start with the basics. Ventilation Having fresh air circulate…

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How much space is needed for loft stairs?

Loft conversion stairs are a major consideration when converting an attic space to a usable room. Where the stairs go and what form they take depends entirely on a few factors, including the layout of the first floor and whether there are any obstructions within the roof that cause head height restrictions. Read on to get a good idea of where a contractor is likely to build your new stairs. Building Regulations Building regulations mandate that if the loft is to be used as a bedroom, bathroom, playroom or study, it must have a permanent staircase. Therefore a majority of conversions…

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Different Types of Loft Conversions

Whether your family is embiggening or you want to increase the value of your home, a loft conversion is always a fantastic home improvement plan. There is, however, more than one way to approach a loft conversion and this month we’ll be explaining the different types available to you and what conversions are suited to which types of home. Hip to Gable If the sidewall of your home meets a roof line that is sloped at a near 45° angle, then your roof is ‘hipped’. Hip to gable loft conversions increase the loft space by continuing the sidewall upwards to create…

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10 Creative Ways to Use Your Loft Space

Converting your loft is really a great way to show off your creativity and experiment with creating your perfect interior. With the ever-increasing need for more room, building upwards instead of outwards is a highly effective way of maximising the space in your home, and it really means the sky is the limit. Check out our favourite creative ways to use your loft space below. Master bedroom or lodger space Whilst this is perhaps the most obvious option, creating your own private bedroom upstairs, an oasis away from the rest of the household, could greatly enhance your lifestyle. Similarly, if you…

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What is the most cost effective loft conversion?

A cost effective loft conversion is one that improves your home and quality of living, while being good value for money. However, this assumes you’re going to live in the property afterwards. While most homeowners use a loft conversion as a means to stay in the family home, property developers are mainly interested in the value that’s added to a property by a quality loft conversion. Here, we’ll gather the prevailing market estimates from a variety of sources to give you a good idea of whether a loft conversion will boost the market value of your property. Pricing a Loft Conversion…

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Loft Conversion Storage

When planning your loft conversion, it’s easy to overlook the details and forge ahead with the bigger jobs, like installing windows and an en suite bathroom. However, it pays to imagine how you will use the space to your best advantage. Part of this process must involve your storage solutions. Consider what options are available to you, using our handy list below. Built in wardrobes Use your floor-to-ceiling space to create as much storage as you require. Built in wardrobes maximise storage capacity by being flush to the walls and ceiling and eliminate the dead space caused by traditional wardrobes. If…

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