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10 Creative Ways to Use Your Loft Space

Converting your loft is really a great way to show off your creativity and experiment with creating your perfect interior. With the ever-increasing need for more room, building upwards instead of outwards is a highly effective way of maximising the space in your home, and it really means the sky is the limit.

Check out our favourite creative ways to use your loft space below.

  1. Master bedroom or lodger space

Whilst this is perhaps the most obvious option, creating your own private bedroom upstairs, an oasis away from the rest of the household, could greatly enhance your lifestyle. Similarly, if you are an avid Airbnb user, why not create something beautiful of your own? It’s a great way of earning some extra income, whilst also getting the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world – all from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Childrens’ playroom

Creating a playroom filled with toys, books and art materials could provide a wonderful hub in which to host rainy afternoon playdates or birthday parties. An added bonus – it provides a space for any child-related mess in one place, thereby freeing up the living room for inviting your friends or relatives over – without fear of stepping on lego bricks or tripping over stuffed toys. Plus, it’ll be a great teenage hangout or study space too when your kids are older.

  1. Games room

Following on from the previous point – why not create a space for the big kids in your house – with a pool table and mini fridge? Or, build some shelves to slot in with the eaves of your loft and you’ve got a perfect space to keep your board game collection. The possibilities are really endless, and this means you can free up storage space downstairs, whilst creating the perfect environment to invite friends or family round for a fun evening in.

  1. Office

In an increasingly online world, many of us are finding ways to generate income from the comfort of our own houses. If this is the case for you, or you’d simply like a place to be able to focus and concentrate on your own pursuits – such as writing, completing household paperwork, or working on a business idea, creating a home office can be a great use of your loft away from the hustle and bustle downstairs. If at some point in the future you no longer have a need for an office, or you like to keep things new in your home, you have a ready made spare room for customising in the future.

  1. Reading nook

Why not transform a small attic space into a cosy, tranquil place for you to unwind? You could make some fitted shelves for any low ceilings or narrow walls, providing a safe place for all your books. Adding a comfortable armchair, or even building a seat into the eaves or window ledge creates a pleasant space for you to while away the afternoons immersed in your favourite books.

  1. Walk in wardrobe

Again, particularly if your loft is a small or oddly shaped space, or the access point to it is through a bedroom, creating a walk in wardrobe can be a great solution. As well as providing a space to organise your clothes, shoes and accessories effectively, it also makes for a more secure option for your valuables – you could install a lock on the door, or incorporate a safe into one of the cupboards.

  1. Mezzanines

If your attic doesn’t extend across the whole house, or the roof is too low, consider adding a mezzanine. Essentially, you’re adding a second floor to an existing room, opening up the ceilings and transforming the existing space downstairs. You could install big windows to create depth and light, add a bathroom or even incorporate your reading nook or walk-in wardrobe.

  1. Art or music studio

For the budding creatives in your family, why not make a space where they can come to pursue their artistic or musical interests? Great for art homework or band practice, and you could even turn it into a little art gallery – showcasing the work that’s been made by your household. Installing a desk and plenty of storage space can also mean it can double as a home office or a hang out space when needed.

  1. Home theatre

Why leave for the cinema when you could recreate the experience from the comfort of your own home – without a tall person sitting in front of you, or fellow cinema goers rustling their bags of popcorn. You could install blackout blinds, paint a wall white, install a projector – a cheaper alternative to a large television – and keep a small refrigerator for your all-important cinema snacks and drinks.

  1. Indoor pool or gym

If finding the motivation to leave your house for exercise – especially in the winter – is not an appealing prospect, why not add some gym equipment or even a pool to your loft? This means you don’t need to leave your house, but can work on your fitness whenever you feel like it.

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