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How to Keep Lofts Cool During the Summer Months

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As summer heats up you’ll be wanting to find every way of cooling down your loft. Due to their unique position in the house, lofts are often a heat trap when the weather improves, thanks to the surface area of the roof above the loft and the rising heat from the rest of the house. So, how do you turn the tables so you can enjoy a temperate loft throughout the summer?
It’s especially important if you sleep if your loft as wild rises and drops in temperature adversely affect sleep. Let’s start with the basics.


Having fresh air circulate throughout a room is usually the most efficient way to cool things down. You can either open a window or opt for a high-tech solution, such as Velux’s Integra range, which are electrically operated and can be set to open the window vents for 15 minute periods throughout the day without the window itself opening.
Another option is electric fans, either desktop versions or ceiling mounted, though the latter are often not required in the UK climate. A further option is to specify a Juliet balcony or a window balcony that can transform between the two.

Take Control of Direct Sunlight

Though you will initially plan to make your loft feel light and airy by maximising window area and considering skylights, you’ll find that these features contribute to an overheated loft in summer.

Curtains work to some degree, but bespoke blinds that snap-fit to skylights and Velux windows give you the most versatility and allow light in without causing the air temperature to rocket.


It sounds silly to some but insulation isn’t just there to keep the home warm in winter. Quality insulation board helps keep a home cooler during the summer months by acting as a barrier to radiant heat from the sun. Gaps in the insulation or having none at all in a loft space will guarantee an oven-like environment.

Other Options

It’s been proved that changing the colour of your roof tiles can improve the temperature of a home in summer. Though it’s a drastic option if your current roof is working fine, swapping out slate for terracotta tiles will drop the temperature by as much as 3 degrees.

Solar air conditioning is also a good option for lofts as it harnesses the power of the very thing that’s making your loft so unbearably hot – the sun. In the long run you’ll save on the energy bills, too, as you’ll be generating your own supply to run the unit.

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