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Top 3 Benefits of Loft Conversions

Ask any homeowner what they’d do to improve their home and it’s likely that they’ll choose an answer that means having more space. Typically, a loft conversion is the easiest and most useful way to add space to the home, as well as added value and many other options that will improve the functionality of the property.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons to make your dusty, unloved loft space into a useable, family-friendly extra bedroom.


  1. Extra Living Space and Storage

As we’ve mentioned, it’s the number one reason to convert your loft into a useable space. It doesn’t have to be a bedroom, however. It’s ample for use as a home study area, a games room, extra living space or even a bedsit if an en suite bathroom is installed. You’ll also get full access to the eves, which is a boon if you never used your attic for storage before the conversion. This extra storage is great for items that are used rarely or seasonally, like Christmas decorations or camping equipment.


  1. Added Value to Your Home


You may not be considering selling your home anytime soon but it’s a fact that a loft conversion will significantly increase the value of your home. If you are renovating a property with a view to selling it then a loft conversion is a sure way to see a return on investment. Nationwide’s research shows that up to 20% can be added to the value of your home on completion of a loft conversion. On average this means another £37,000 on top of what your home is already worth. Considering the costs of a conversion, this return is instant and significant, especially for property developers.


  1. An Additional Bathroom


If you’re lucky to have a loft space big enough for an en suite, then not only will this add further value to your home, it will improve the functionality of the home overall. An additional bathroom is an item rarely seen on the list of benefits associated with loft conversions. However, with the right budget and space, there is no need to hesitate!


Having an additional bathroom in a busy family home saves time, energy and arguments. If your home isn’t filled with children battling to use the facilities, then an extra bathroom can be considered a great way to welcome guests. Whether these guests are your friends, family or you’re hosting a room on AirBnB to supplement your income, an en suite loft bathroom is a versatile room in any home.

NK Lofts is proud to offer quality loft conversions and garage conversion services in Milton Keynes, Northampton and St Albans. Whether you want a new bedroom or an attic office space, we can convert your loft and provide the extra room you’ve been dreaming of. Our services are accredited by industry bodies, which means a prompt, safe and thorough process from start to finish. Contact a member of our team to find out more today.

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