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Loft Conversions with the Green Deal Initiative

You may have heard recently about a government scheme which kicked off in January of this year called the Green Deal Initiative. The idea is to get all homes and places of business up to an energy efficiency of E or higher on the energy efficiency chart. Losing heating through your roof because of poor or inadequate insulation is the second biggest source of energy wastage according to the government. That’s why, with a Green assessment of your house, you could install new technologies and refurbishment techniques without paying a penny. One thing the Government is keen to stress is that…

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Loft Conversion: Making the most of your Space

Making use of all the available space in your home can be tricky, but with a loft conversion you can give yourself extra room with the added bonus of potentially increasing the value of your property. Many people use conversions to create bedrooms, bathrooms, recreational spaces and even quiet office space. Technology is always improving and will help to create an energy saving new addition to your home. Right now, most attic and loft spaces hold the household junk and debris, but imagine a space that could be used as a master bedroom. Well lit, and with plenty of headspace, you…

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5 Amazing Staircase Designs

In their most basic function, staircases are simply a practical way of travelling from floor to floor. With ergonomics usually favoured over style, often little thought is given to the shape and design of stairs outside of ensuring that they are safe and built to regulated standards. However, creating a feature out of staircases can transform a building, offering a spectacular focal point that can also dramatically affect ambience and character. Production of ornate and extravagantly designed staircases is not a recent phenomenon, either. Selinunte, an ancient Greek city located in southern Sicily, is home to the imaginatively titled Temple A….

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Top Tips for Garage Conversions

The economic and space-creating advantages of home extensions have long been acknowledged, with everything from loft conversions to attractive conservatories adding value and aesthetic appeal to your property. Garage conversions are no exception, and can provide you with the luxury of an extra bedroom, bathroom, office, leisure area or even something more extravagant! Here are a few tips for ensuring that your garage conversion reaches its maximum potential, providing you with an enjoyable and value-boosting extension to your home… Utilise the Space: Garages tend to be long and narrow in structure, so designing your extension with this in mind should help…

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Great Loft Conversion Ideas: Tips and Advice

It’s no secret that adding a loft conversion to your home both adds value and creates extra living space, with a number of extension options available once you’ve made the area liveable. The average house can have its value increased by anywhere between 10% and 20% with a bedroom or bathroom conversion – particularly useful for those in first homes looking to advance up the property ladder. Just getting your roof space cleared out and made habitable is only the first step to taking full advantage of your loft conversion, however. Next, you’ve got to decide what you’re going to do…

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The Benefits of a Professional Loft Conversion

With the Easter Bank Holiday weekend just around the corner, many will be embarking on a DIY project of some description – with no doubt variable results! However, if your sole intention is to make life around the home easier and more convenient while saving money, then maybe you should set your goals a little higher than just putting up some shelves. Opting for a loft conversion is often a prudent and worthwhile way to improve your home, and, as it generally requires professional help, won’t lead to spilled paint or large, unwanted holes in the wall! With programs such as…

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What is a Party Wall Agreement?

We’ve all experienced the irritation of neighbours drilling into walls to put up shelves or chipping away at old wallpaper during redecoration. As annoying as this may be, it doesn’t contravene any laws (besides noise pollution if it’s late at night). Despite sharing the wall with you they are entitled to carry this type of work out without request, as are you. However, for majorly destructive work, an agreement must be drawn up between both owners of an adjoining wall. This document is known as a party wall agreement, and it’s imperative that one is in place before any construction or…

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Welcome to NK Home Conversions new blog

The team at NK Conversions are excited to welcome you to our fantastic new blog for Home conversions! As one of the leading home conversion companies in the Midlands, NK Home Conversions provides a complete, professional service on all loft, garage, bedroom and bathroom conversions, carrying out all work to the highest level. We even perform first rate staircase design, making the most of the space in your home. In order to continue the great relationships we’ve built with our customers, we’ve set up this blog as a place for you to find all the information you need about both NK…

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