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Clever Space-Saving Ideas For Your Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is one of the most effective ways to create brand new and space saving ideas for your property. You might be surprised by just how much space a conversion can open up in your roof space, especially in smaller lofts, and by paying extra attention you can maximise the amount of space available without any trouble at all. In this article, we’re using our loft conversion expertise to look at 5 clever ways you can save even more space when planning your brand new loft conversion. Embrace the shape of your loft space The main, overriding tip to…

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5 Top Tips for Converting Your Garage

Too many people are content to leave their garage largely untouched, only using it to store random odds and ends or general clutter. Converting your garage is a fantastic way of making use of all that extra space, giving you almost limitless opportunities to really make that space your own. A garage conversion is a big job, and requires full planning and attention to detail from the start. That’s why, in this article, we’re looking at five top tips to help make sure that your garage conversion is a complete success. Think about the purpose of the conversion Possibly the most…

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How to Insulate Your Loft Conversion

Not only is a loft conversion the perfect way to create brand new, space in your home, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to make sure that your property is as energy efficient as can be. Around 25% of the heat loss we experience in our homes is through the roof, but this can be simply remedied by installing the proper insulation in your loft space. That’s why, this month, we’re looking at how your loft conversion can be insulated to help keep your home warm and the energy bills low – just in time for the winter! How are you…

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Loft Conversions: Steel or Timber Beams?

For a successful loft conversion, the structure of your roof space needs to be sound and professionally planned so your home is able to properly support the extra load. One of the first structural considerations to make early on in the process will be deciding on the best supporting beams for your loft room. In this article we’re looking at steel and timber beams, and which type should be chosen for your conversion. Structural considerations All conversions are unique and will require thorough planning beforehand to ensure a safe, sturdy and successful project. Obviously the most important things to think about…

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How to Add Value to Your Home in 2016

  The property ladder is always highly competitive and it can be tough to make yourself stand out. Sometimes you will need to take measures to make your current property more desirable for prospective buyers. That’s why this month we’re looking at some of the ways you can boost the value of your property so you can start thinking about that dream home instead of feeling stuck where you are. Deal with repairs One of the best ways to boost the appeal of your home to prospective buyers is to finally get round to fixing up any unsightly damage, whether it’s…

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Lighting Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

A new loft can offer an exciting fresh space, and you’ll no doubt want to make sure it looks great! But before you go ahead choosing the colour scheme and buying furniture, you should consider the lighting – even as early on as in the planning stage.   Here at NK Lofts, we understand how important perfecting your new loft room is, that’s why we’ve put together these lighting tips and ideas that you can use in your new loft space to create the perfect atmosphere. Lighting in a Loft Conversion   Halogen spotlights Halogen lights are known for their sheer…

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Heating Your Loft Conversion

Although loft conversions provide the ideal way to tailor your home to meet your needs, there is one common drawback that occurs every year during the autumn and winter months: a rapid drop in temperature; when temperatures plummet, your loft will be the first to suffer the full effects. But you don’t have to put up with the cold this winter as we’ve come up with some great ways for you to heat your loft conversion, so you can take full advantage of it no matter what time of the year it is. Insulate During the loft conversion process, the roof…

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Loft Conversion Options for a Bungalow

If you live in a bungalow and have been craving extra space, then a loft conversion might be the answer. Loft conversions are a perfect way to create substantial space without impeding on the rest of your home. Here, NK Lofts have put together a guide to the several options available to those considering a bungalow loft conversion. Velux Some bungalow loft conversions require extensive work, but not a Velux conversion. This type of conversion works by simply installing windows into the pitch of your roof, essentially creating skylights. This conversion is cost effective and far less intrusive than any other…

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You Want to Convert Your Loft, but there’s a Water Tank in the Way

Water tanks help homes by providing a source of hot water for baths, showers and more every day. But what if your water tank happens to be located in the loft you have recently been planning to convert? More and more people are realising the benefits of a loft conversion. They add value to your home and utilise space that is, more often than not, largely wasted. A water tank in your loft is not the be-all and end-all to your loft conversion plans. In fact, there are multiple ways to finally take advantage of all that space you’ve been missing…

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Where Should the Staircase go for my Loft Conversion?

When planning your loft conversion, considering the placement of your staircase is important. Taking up a fairly large amount of floor space, you will want to position the stairs in a convenient place that still provides maximum space for the rest of the home and conversion. Staircase Regulations All loft conversions must comply with building regulations, even if the type of conversion you are having means planning permission is not required. The regulations regarding a loft staircase are as follows: A fixed staircase must be in place to provide safe access to and from the loft room The staircase can have…

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