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Loft Conversion Options for a Bungalow

If you live in a bungalow and have been craving extra space, then a loft conversion might be the answer. Loft conversions are a perfect way to create substantial space without impeding on the rest of your home. Here, NK Lofts have put together a guide to the several options available to those considering a bungalow loft conversion.


velux window

Some bungalow loft conversions require extensive work, but not a Velux conversion. This type of conversion works by simply installing windows into the pitch of your roof, essentially creating skylights. This conversion is cost effective and far less intrusive than any other loft conversion, and is an easy way to turn your attic space into a new bedroom, bathroom, office or playroom. Velux conversions are best when there is plenty of headroom in your loft, so the available space is maximised. The addition of windows installed in this way will make your loft feel much more spacious, with the sudden influx of light. For such a simple operation, Velux conversions can really make a noticeable difference.


dormer loft conversion

A dormer loft conversion adds an extension which projects vertically from a sloping roof. Dormer conversions are the most popular form of conversion, and it’s not hard to see why. The additional floor space and headroom allowed by a dormer loft is substantial, and the installation of dormer windows will bathe the new room in ample natural light. The extension is an attractive one – an extension to your existing roof means it will fit well with the exterior of your home. Dormers can be designed to fit any and all house styles and can have a flat or pitched roof. Dormer conversions don’t typically require planning permission, but it might be best to check the guidelines to make sure.

Hip to gable

A hip to gable conversion effectively replaces the sloping side of a hipped roof with a vertical wall, freeing up space that was once taken up purely by the slope of the roof. This increases available loft space and can be performed on both sides of the property -making them perfect for bungalow loft conversions – so the potential gains in usable space is sizeable. Obviously, hip to gable conversions are only feasible for properties with a hip-end roof, and the conversion itself – while not as intensive as a Mansard – will require opening up the roof for construction. The gable end can be built in various materials, to fit in with the rest of your property, and won’t interfere with the shape of your roof or property in any detrimental way. In fact, it can look quite attractive.


Mansard conversions are more structurally intensive than most other types of conversion. They require large changes to the shape and structure of your roof, so will almost always require planning permission. However, the work required for the conversion is certainly warranted as a substantial amount of living space is created. Mansard lofts are installed to the rear of your home, and works by changing the sloping side of your roof to a near vertical one. Mansard conversions slope at an angle of 72 degrees and have a flat roof, so floor space and headroom is maximised. Typically more expensive than other conversions, a Mansard conversion is a vast project, so put careful consideration and planning into your decision before settling on a Mansard.

A bungalow loft conversion is certainly viable, and depends on how much loft space you wish to create and how much work you are willing to put up with. Whatever your needs, the options available to you should cover any desires you might have.

NK Lofts understand what a conversion means to you, and offer expert advice and services to create a conversion that suits your standards from start to finish and beyond. We will help with any planning applications required and our friendly, experienced team are happy to discuss your individual plans to make sure you get the loft conversion you deserve.