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You Want to Convert Your Loft, but there’s a Water Tank in the Way

Water tanks help homes by providing a source of hot water for baths, showers and more every day. But what if your water tank happens to be located in the loft you have recently been planning to convert?

More and more people are realising the benefits of a loft conversion. They add value to your home and utilise space that is, more often than not, largely wasted. A water tank in your loft is not the be-all and end-all to your loft conversion plans. In fact, there are multiple ways to finally take advantage of all that space you’ve been missing out on. It’s never too late to upgrade, and water tanks are never too troublesome to work around.

Move the water tank:

If your water tank is guzzling up space at the centre of your loft, it isn’t too much hassle to have it moved into the corner. Having it out of the way immediately frees up a noticeable amount of space, letting you maximise your loft instead of letting it take up valuable space which could easily be used in any number of creative ways.

Repositioning your water tank doesn’t take much time at all, usually making up roughly one day of labour for a plumber, so you won’t have to go without that hot water for very long at all.

You might also think about replacing your water tank with with a different shaped model, so it not only takes up less room and fits the space better, but also blends with the loft in a much more visually attractive manner.

Replace your water tank with an unvented hot water cylinder:

Unvented water systems have grown rapidly in popularity since their introduction, and make a fine alternative to your old water tank. Vented systems require a cold water tank in the loft, but going unvented means this is no longer necessary, so it’s easy to save that space if you decide to go this route. Unvented systems are fed directly by the cold water mains, meaning much improved flow rates to multiple outlets, and can be located just about anywhere in your property – very convenient indeed.

Replace your water tank with a combi boiler:

Another alternative is to replace your water tank completely with a pressurised combi boiler. A combi boiler eliminates the need for a water tank in the loft – and will take up minimal room wherever it is installed. This is an ideal, long term, solution to both maximising your loft space and upgrading the hot water system throughout your home.

A combi boiler is compact and provides your home with constant hot water and central heating. It is certainly a smart step up from the water tank system, giving you many benefits in the long run – no more waiting around for the water to heat up when you’re desperately in need of a refreshing shower or relaxing bath.

A gas safe engineer will allow you to get the best possible combi boiler installed and, once that job is done, you can finally turn your attention back to your dream loft conversion and start maximising all that newly created space.

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