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Lighting Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

A new loft can offer an exciting fresh space, and you’ll no doubt want to make sure it looks great! But before you go ahead choosing the colour scheme and buying furniture, you should consider the lighting – even as early on as in the planning stage.  

Here at NK Lofts, we understand how important perfecting your new loft room is, that’s why we’ve put together these lighting tips and ideas that you can use in your new loft space to create the perfect atmosphere.

Lighting in a Loft Conversion


Halogen spotlights

Halogen lights are known for their sheer brightness and are ideal for mimicking daylight. So if your loft room receives little natural light, consider having halogen spotlights fitted to instantly brighten it up. Just be aware they can become very hot, so the ceiling is a good place to have them fitted so they are out of the way.  

Low-energy lights

These gradually burn brighter the longer they’re left on, so if you’re the patient type, low-energy lights can be a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Free standing lamps

Available in a range of various styles, they can stand in the corner of your room and make a lovely feature whilst adding a contemporary or classic touch to your loft space as well. Just make sure they’re not too tall to fit round the edge of your room, as loft rooms have low, slanting walls and ceilings.

Dimmer switches

Dimmer switches allow you to control the lighting levels in your room so you can create the desired effect easily by simply turning a switch. For instance, if you have a headache or it’s night time and you want to start winding down, twist it to a low setting so you can relax. Having the switch fitted next to your bed is a good place as, if you’re in bed, you can easily change the setting if you need more light without having to be disturbed.

Think outside the box when considering where to have your lights fitted. Permanent light fittings don’t just have to go in the ceiling. Wall lights can be effective, especially spot lights fitted at a low level, and they can even be coloured for an original look and feel (especially if your loft space is used as a cinema room!)

Also, if you have the original beams in your loft, you could fit spotlights to them in order to lighten the darkest parts of the room, making it look larger and brighter.

Windows in a Loft Conversion

As well as using artificial lighting, natural lighting is the best way to make your loft space look bigger. Having lots of windows, or a one or two larger windows, will be sure to bring in as much natural light as possible, creating a light and airy space – plus it will keep your energy bills lower as you won’t have to rely on artificial lighting as much!  

Dormer Windows

Dormer windows have a roof of their own and are a classic vertical window style that lets optimum light into the loft room.

Velux Windows

Placed on side walls, having one or more of these skylight windows, as well as one big main window can lighten your room up no end, as well as adding character to your loft conversion creating an original appearance.

Whatever you decide to use the loft space for, it will most likely need lighting, so why not consider our lighting ideas for your loft conversion, so you can have a beautifully styled new room in your house that you can be proud to show off!

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