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Loft Conversion Options for Semi-Detached Houses


Loft conversions are an increasingly popular option amongst homeowners, providing a cheaper way to increase space and add to the value of your current home. If you live in a semi-detached house, you should know what types of loft conversion are available to you. We’ve listed your options in this article.

velux loft conversion


Velux conversions are a great way of creating more light in your loft for an additional room, without requiring a structural change to the property itself.  This type of conversion involves installing windows into the pitch of your home’s existing roof, providing natural light to your loft which can then be converted into any room of your choosing.

The unintrusive nature of velux conversions comes with the added benefit of not requiring planning permission, however when living in a semi-detached home, it is courteous to notify your neighbours of the changes because the conversion can still cause some disturbance and noise, whilst not actually changing the look of your house.


Dormer conversions are the most popular type of loft conversion in the UK, helping to transform cramped lofts into a usable space by adding more headroom and floor space. There are two types of dormer conversion you could choose from for your semi-detached home:

Flat roof

A flat roof dormer conversion offers the largest amount of added internal space, and involves extending the previously sloped roof so that it is flat – adding both floor and headroom. This conversion will provide you with significantly more space, and is a suitable option for semi-detached homes. Generally, it falls under permitted development rights as an extension, but you may need planning permission if the conversion will involve windows that overlook your neighbour’s property.

pitched roof loft conversion

Pitched Roof

A pitched roof dormer conversion is an extension to the existing sloped roof, so it provides less space and room than a flat roof conversion but will generally be cheaper and a more aesthetically pleasing look to the exterior of your home, which may be a worthwhile consideration for a semi-detached home as you will want your house to stay in keeping with its neighbours to keep its street value.

Hip to Gable

Hip to Gable extensions are a viable option for semi-detached houses with one hip-ended roof. Replacing the hipped roof with a vertical wall increases the space and headroom within your loft, making it more suitable to be converted into an additional living space. It’s always worth checking with your Local Planning Authority before carrying out a loft conversion, but this option does not typically require planning permission.

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