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Loft Conversion Options for Terraced Houses

Homeowners in terraced houses are increasingly looking upwards for more space – in the loft. With loft conversions often one of the cheapest methods of extending your home, it’s no wonder that they are more in demand than ever with homeowners with growing needs for space.

Here at NK Lofts, we specialise in a range of loft conversions, from slight additions such as velux windows, to full-on extensions that add a whole floor to the home. We’ve listed the conversions most suited for terraced houses.

Velux Loft Conversion


Velux conversions are synonymous with rooflight window conversions, but as leading manufacturers of roof windows, Velux is now the more commonly used name when referring to this type of conversion. Velux windows are renowned for the abundance of natural light and ventilation they can provide to converted lofts.

This is the most cost-effective and simple way to convert your loft as it does not actually change the natural line of your house, and often does not require planning permission in order to be carried out. The velux windows are, however, more suited to lofts that already have ample headroom and space as the dimensions of the room will not be altered during the conversion.

Pitched Roof Dormer


Sometimes considered a more aesthetically pleasing loft extension, pitched roof dormer extensions consist of a vertical window projecting from a sloping roof built up to the ridgeline of the house’s existing roof.

This type of conversion is typically within permitted development rights, and can contribute significant light and space to the loft, as well as additional headroom that may be necessary for smaller spaces. The added window provides you with more flexibility when considering the function of the room.

Flat Roof Dormer


A flat roof dormer extends across the plane of the roof horizontally, often using the dual party wall for structural support. The conversion can span the entire width of the house, making it ideal for extension where a significant increase in space is required.

Dormer conversions are generally within permitted development rights, although it is always recommend that you seek advice from your local planning authority first. The increased space flat roofed dormers provide comes with the increased benefit of maximum floor and headroom space in your loft conversion, making it ideal for families who need additional living space, bedrooms or bathrooms.

When you live in a terraced home, it is important to note that for any form of loft conversion, you will need cooperation from your neighbour on the adjoining wall to carry out the extension. This relates to the Party Wall Act, and is because the extension will rely on the party wall for structural support.

Here at NK Lofts, we specialise in bespoke loft conversions designed to maximise the space you need, and tailored to suit your budget. Contact our team today to discuss your free survey and quotation, or for more information on any of the products we offer.