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Great Loft Conversion Ideas: Tips and Advice

It’s no secret that adding a loft conversion to your home both adds value and creates extra living space, with a number of extension options available once you’ve made the area liveable. The average house can have its value increased by anywhere between 10% and 20% with a bedroom or bathroom conversion – particularly useful for those in first homes looking to advance up the property ladder.

Just getting your roof space cleared out and made habitable is only the first step to taking full advantage of your loft conversion, however. Next, you’ve got to decide what you’re going to do with your new room. Here are a few ideas…

Bedroom Conversion

Perhaps the most obvious use of an attic conversion, an extra bedroom could be the ideal solution for those with expanding families or an already cramped living space.

Many lofts will have a sloped ceiling that can become a stylish feature of any bedroom, allowing the opportunity for atmospheric spot lighting or interesting shelving ideas, and a heavily sloped roof may even have space for a cosy mezzanine level for your bed.

Most design options open to you are purely a case of preference, but there are some practical considerations that must not be ignored. For example, installing a staircase is essential; not just for convenience when fitting furniture, but also as a conversion without permanent staircase access is not considered an extra room, reducing your home’s value by thousands.

It’s also widely recommended that you have at least 2.3m headroom throughout the loft, particularly advisable above your bed, so think about installing a dormer roof as a simple way to extend the height of your roof.

Bedroom conversions can even be an extra source of income, allowing you to take on a lodger with their own private space, so should always be fairly high up the list of extension options.

Bathroom Conversion

Bathroom conversions are not only another fantastic way to add value to your home; they are also highly convenient, and offer you the luxury of a relaxing hideaway at the top of the house.

Although fitted showers are more desirable for a buyer when it comes to selling up, don’t let that put you off installing a bath if you can afford to. Consider a lavish, freestanding roll top unit, providing the perfect place to unwind as well as being removable to allow you to take it with you when you leave.

Combining a bedroom and bathroom conversion with a stylish en suite could be the best utilisation of your extra space, as well as improving the potential for attracting a lodger. However, as with bedroom conversions, there are a number of practical considerations to make when installing a bathroom extension.

For example, can your plumbing cope with the extra pressure needed to run water to the top of your house? Likewise; if you have a vented central heating system, your cold water tank will be elevated in your roof somewhere to allow gravity to direct water flow, and will need to be raised slightly for any plumbing installed.

Ventilation must also be taken into account, too. Fitting either a window or extraction fan is necessary if hot water is being used, and opting for vinyl or tiled flooring over carpets is advisable in a damp and humid environment.

Home Office Conversion

For those that work from home, it’s important to have a dedicated space in which to concentrate away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. Turning your loft conversion into an office is the ideal solution to this, and there are a few things you could do to make the environment more conducive to working.

In an office space, light is key. Consider large skylights or vertical windows set into a dormer – the more natural light, the better. Although it may be tempting to squeeze in all those important filing cabinets and shelves, give priority to your workspace, leaving yourself enough legroom underneath your desk, as well as ensuring that your chair has sufficient room to roll back when standing up or sitting down.

If you plan to spend a reasonable amount of time in your loft, insulation is essential (as well as legally required). Cavity wall insulation retains heat the best, keeping your office warm to avoid mould and damp, as well as saving you money on your energy bills with less heat escaping through the roof.

Extra Storage Space

Although it may seem the least exciting option, giving yourself a place to put those excess boxes or furniture frees up an infinite amount of space around the rest of your house, including your garage where these items may have been stored before. Although you won’t have an extra room to entice buyers, storage space still offers the extra value that a converted attic can bring.

As you won’t require regular access, a permanent staircase isn’t necessary, although a drop-down ladder will invalidate the conversion’s classification as an extra room. However, even though it won’t be used as a living space, a storage loft will still need insulation fitting. While this may seem like an irritating obligation, you will quickly make back the cost of installation through savings on your energy bills.

NK Lofts

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