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The Benefits of a Professional Loft Conversion

With the Easter Bank Holiday weekend just around the corner, many will be embarking on a DIY project of some description – with no doubt variable results! However, if your sole intention is to make life around the home easier and more convenient while saving money, then maybe you should set your goals a little higher than just putting up some shelves.

Opting for a loft conversion is often a prudent and worthwhile way to improve your home, and, as it generally requires professional help, won’t lead to spilled paint or large, unwanted holes in the wall! With programs such as Grand Designs, Homes Under the Hammer and Property Ladder demonstrating some interesting uses for a vacant loft, together with the recent relaxing of planning laws designed to boost the construction industry, there has never been a better time to convert your roof space.

Not convinced? Well here are just a few of the advantages a loft conversion brings…

Extra Space

It may sound like stating the obvious, but converting your attic into an extra room expands the living space in your home, giving you a wealth of options as to how to use it. For example, a new arrival to the family may necessitate the addition of a house with more bedrooms. But why go through the cost and stress of moving when merely utilising the extra space in your attic with a bedroom conversion could be so much simpler?

Similarly, if you work from home, having a dedicated space to work in could make all the difference, so consider turning your roof conversion into a home office space away from the distractions of the rest of the house.

You could even get creative, adding a recreational space such as a games room or lounge, or get luxurious with an extra bathroom. The choice is yours.

Added Value

It can’t be underemphasised quite how much economic sense taking on a loft conversion can make. Recent figures suggest that conversions can add up to an extra 20% on top of the existing value of the property, which in most cases is somewhere between £15,000 and £35,000 – easily covering the cost of the work and adding a healthy profit at the same time!

Research has shown that, particularly in heavily metropolitan areas such as London, opting for a loft conversion can often be far cheaper than moving house, not to mention considerably less stressful. So if you’re looking for that extra space to accommodate for an expanding family, or are merely sick of tripping over each other’s feet, a new house isn’t necessarily the simplest answer.

As well as adding value to your property and saving you money on a costly move, a loft conversion can also provide an extra source of income. Becoming increasingly popular in recent years during the economic downturn, taking in a lodger could be a simple way to make a quick profit, and a loft conversion can provide living quarters that offer privacy and separation from the rest of the house.

Up to a quarter of all heat loss in a property is through the roof, so taking on a loft conversion is a great excuse to insulate your loft, saving you hundreds on energy bills. Effective options such as cavity wall insulation are available at a reasonable price, and savings of up to 15% on your annual heating bills will pay back the cost of any work in no time.

Space Saving/Space Creation

As mentioned above, a loft conversion can be a great way of expanding your available living space, and extending upwards with an attic conversion instead of outwards with a conservatory or garage conversion also saves precious garden area.

Utilising the pre-existing roof in your home instead of building on precious outdoor land is the best usage of available space, and can be a far more pleasant environment, offering better views and natural light later into the evening. If you’re worried about restricted space due to a sloping roof, dormer conversions are a simple way to raise and extend your eaves upwards to create standing room, and a recent relaxation of planning permission has made converting a loft a far more straightforward process in general.

NK Lofts

Here at NK Lofts, we are able to carry out high quality loft conversions, bathroom conversions, bedroom conversions and roof conversions, all offered at fantastic prices. Our expert team are on hand to provide specialist loft conversion design, taking care of every step of the process from start to finish and ensuring that everything runs to plan, to budget and to deadline.

With most projects completed in five to seven weeks, and free site surveys and quotations, your dream loft could become a reality sooner than you think! So get in touch with NK Lofts today to find out more.