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What Type of Balcony Could I Have For My Loft Conversion?

loft conversion balcony

The addition of a balcony to your loft conversion is a great way to optimize all available light, and create a larger illusion of space in the room. A larger window area floods the room with light, providing an enjoyable space to relax and use daily.

Likewise, balconies help circulate air flow in your loft conversion, which can otherwise become stuffy and hot during the summer months. With more windows and doors to let the air in, you can guarantee that your loft conversion will be a cool, pleasant place to be in. We’ve listed the different types of balcony you could have for your loft below.

Juliet Balcony

Hailing it’s name from the famous balcony featured in many Romeo & Juliet productions, the Juliet balcony provides an illusion of greater space without there being any actual protrusion from the property. A barrier of glass or railings allow for large, inward facing doors into the room, which in essence make the indoor space the balcony itself.

The benefits of the Juliet balcony is that it’s the cheapest option, as the balcony does not exceed the room itself. What’s more, the balcony – particularly a glass Juliet – has the effect of creating more space, light and a better circulation of air throughout the room. Homeowners can place a small table and chairs or a comfy armchair by the large doors and enjoy the added light and view at any time of day.

True Balcony

A true balcony is the traditional sense of a balcony; a load bearing separate platform providing space for furniture and a place to unwind and relax outside. This type of balcony will need careful planning as it must be a supportive structure, but is a great addition if it can fit into the dimensions of your house, providing a truly great separate place to enjoy.

Roof Terrace

A roof terrace utilises the flat section of the roof rather than a platform protruding from the house. This tends to provide a large surface area, perfect for entertaining guests or even serving as an added garden space.

Cabrio Balcony

Velux windows provide the option of adding a small balcony with two windows, providing air and light into the room. The versatility of the two windows mean only one can be opened, or both simultaneously to create a door into the small balcony area.

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