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Loft Conversions: Design Inspiration 2017

loft conversion design trends

Whether you are wanting to begin an entirely new loft conversion, or are thinking about ripping out the artex to modernise your current conversion, 2017 is the year to transform the space above your head into something special.

A mix of modern and traditional

Just a couple of features from each period will do the job. Consider exposing the wooden beams in your roof, if you are lucky enough to have original beams. Then contrast them with a modern twist, like a leather-backed headboard, or contemporary piece of bedroom furniture.

Shabby chic returns

It’s a favourite trend that is rarely not in fashion. Shabby chic can be achieved easily by applying white paint to upcycled furniture and fittings. Apply a little sandpaper for a worn look and create the perfect cosy nook.

Dual windows

Everywhere we look, loft conversions are standing out from the crowd by fitting two parallel windows. It’s a striking visual choice, as well as providing even more natural light to the room.

loft conversion design 2017

Exposed brick

Okay, this one has been a feather-in-the-cap for a while now. Expose that brick and clean it up for an open plan look. A new twist on the trend is to cover the brick with dark matte paint, and create a feature wall that is slightly contoured and textured by the brick.

Inbuilt storage solutions

Creating a large storage solution that spans an entire wall can make a loft feel functional and expensive. Go for unornamented wood in and a simple but practical design and you will never be short of space.

Geometric shapes

It can be difficult to get right, but a top-down redesign of a loft should consider geometric shapes and blocky patterns. Layered squares of canvas hung on one wall can add depth to a loft. To break-up the squares and oblongs, select a circular piece of furniture, to be prominent among the geometric shapes. A beautiful clock, or a pair of bedside lamps are a good place to start.

Industrial elements

Just because wooden beams are the interior designer’s favourite does not mean your steel beams can’t be on trend. Paint the beams a colour to match the decor of the room, or go all-out contrast and paint the beams an industrial oxide red. There are so many options it is hard to keep track, but look out for lighting with exaggerated bulb filaments, big metal fans and steel chairs. Put up a large traditional chalk board to add a bit of fun to the loft and mix it up with potted cacti and unusual houseplants.

Create a retreat rather than a bedroom

A loft conversion will often become another bedroom. Increasingly, loft conversions are made to create office space and extra living space. Because a loft conversion can increase the value of a home by 10-20% – more and more people are investing in the extra space and finding a new niche of the house in which to work or relax.

Follow these simple trends to create the ultimate in domestic luxury, whether a bedroom, office space or cosy retreat. You cannot go wrong when completing the project with the help of a qualified professional. Dream big and see how you could transform your home in 2017.

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